About us

Creative Development Center is Non Governmental, non profit organization that was established on 27th of February, 2014. Founders of the organization are representing initiative group that is working on different civic initiatives since 2009 in Georgia and internationally. Our organization is special for characteristics, which are lacking in many civil organizations in Georgia: We are not working with beneficiaries; we are beneficiaries! Our aim is not creating structural entity working for target group, our vision is based on work of the team, which is ready to accept and encourage new creative ideas. Experience, gained through years, showed us problems existing in our community. Therefore, we have developed 4 main working directions:

  • Peace Building and management

Vision of CDC is based on idea of peaceful coexistance. our region is facing reality of conflicts, this brings the need of implementing various peaceful initiatives. We do not see conflict transformation as a mean of solving the conflicts, we think that most important is peace building and managing peaceful processes.  therefore, our team works on different projects fostering cultural and civic dialogue.

  • Non Formal Education

Education system nowadays is in developing phase. We, as a part of this process try to use innovative methods and ideas in education. We want to change standardized vision of education, still existing in post soviet societies and replace it with concept of participatory education. Part of CDC is “Training House”, which offers different types of trainings/seminars. Diverse education is a  right of each person, We are ready to defend this right and create environment for this

  • Supporting civic initiatives

Career development of a person goes through those phases:


We think, that it is very important for each citizen, to undergo through those processes and gain knowledge, which will help them to implement their creative and innovative ideas. Our team is ready to support this process via:

>> Mentoring/Couching

Our mentors will support young people to determine their interests, strengths and weaknesses, which is vital for development of their ideas. We think that each idea has a right to be implemented, each person and idea is special and creative.

  • Social ART

Self expression is an important element of civic engagement. One of the best ways of self-expression is ART. Our team is experienced in implementing civic initiatives using ART. We organize meetings, workshops, exhibitions on the topic of art. Our products are the works expressing needs and interests of different groups of society that also  supports their communication with other groups.

Our organization is actively using innovative methods to support  civic involvement. Our staff is specialized in methods such as simulation games, forum theatre, art management, management of civic initiatives.

Below mentioned projects were/are implemented with involvement of our team in cooperation and with support of various organizations:

1. Green Tbilisi – Raising awareness about ecological issues and importance of sustainability through ART. Initiative group of Green Tbilisi. Funding from MitOste.V(March-April 2014)

2. ART Bridge – Photo tour Tbilisi-Saarbrucken Nantes, discovering walls and conflicts in the societies in the triangle of twin cities. Partners: Iris Group Managing Diversity, Augenblick, Kouakilariv Nantes, GSSUA, Nantes Creative Generations Winning project, Nantes city hall extra funding (May-September2014)

3. Conflict, Occupation and Human rights: 2-week training cycle for high school students from Tbilisi. The project has been implemented in cooperation with Institute for conflict analysis and management and was fully supported by center with in kind contribution. The project was pilot and the trainers worked voluntarily. (January-February 2014)

4. Mentoring for students – Training for mentors in cooperation with the University of Georgia, training was funded by university of Georgia by in kind contribution. (June 2013)

5. Caucasus Three countries one story – participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia created a short movie about how similar living habits are in Caucasus. Project supported by MitOst association in cooperation with Iris Group Managing Diversity (January-May 2012)

6. Annual alumni meeting of Caucasus – Our team in cooperation with MitOste.V, alumni groups of Caucasus and Iris Group Managing Diversity has organized 3 alumni meetings in Tbilisi since 2010.

7. ART Days – ART workshops for internally displaced children, organizing ART corner in Tserovani public school #3. Funded through Theodor HeussKolleg(March-September 2011)

8. Cultural tours around Caucasus – Cycle of tours in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, raising awareness about cultural issues of the region, organized photo exhibition “Meet Caucasus” in Tbilisi. Funding from MitOste.V(June-October 2011)

9. Conflict Influence on Civil Society: research on the local problems in IDP settlements, moving photo exhibition: War children. Funded through the program “Getting Involved! (August-December 2009)

Our organization has international facilitator’s pool, which are alumni of different programs running Trainings of Trainers. We have the pool of Mentor’s and couches, experienced in mentoring small-scale community initiatives. We have team experienced in designing and implementing Simulation Games mainly concerning conflict transformation/conflict resolution. We have long-term partners in the region of Caucasus, as well as Europe our executive director is a Representative of youth peace ambassadors program in Georgia. Council of Europe organizes the program.

We think that Civic dialogue and engagement have no alternative for peaceful coexistence. Knowledge and skills are the power that helps people to create new reality based on their ideas. One of the goals of our team is to support such initiatives.

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