CfA: Training course in Armenia, Breaking gender barriers

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If this goals sound interesting for you:

  •   To learn about gender equality issues by sharing and comparing the realities in the European Union and Neighbouring Partner countries;
  • To exchange experiences between youth workers and youth leaders on the difficulties to find a gender balance in terms of participation of women;
  • To develop participants knowledge and understanding on various concepts related to gender issues and emphasize the importance of gender equality in youth work and other areas;
  • To promote gender equality in youth work and international youth projects;
  • To facilitate networking process among participants and promote new common projects related to gender equality;
  • To develop the quality of support systems for youth activities and capability of youth organizations to create new partnerships.

And you are:

  • Youth workers aged 18 and more;
  • Ready to promote gender equality and combat gender based discrimination in their countries;
  • Want to transfer gained knowledge to the youth in their organizations;
  • Interested to develop competence and knowledge on the topic;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Available on June 3-11 to go to Armenia


We invite you to apply for the program: “Breaking Gender Barriers through youth work” that is organized by our Armenian partners “Armenian Progressive Youth”.

All costs of travel and accommodation are covered, Participation fee is 60 Euros.

For further questions please see Info pack or contact us at:


Please submit your applications till May 15 at


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