Simulation Game Handbook: Accessibility of Education in Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia

10868097_792762290796179_2006209328266491019_nDear friends and Colleagues

We are happy to introduce new handbook in our “library”.

The project “Simulation Game on education in the countries of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) and Russia (SGE)aimed to promote the principles of social justice, equal opportunity, and participation in the education system among all groups of society. The project aimed to promote society’s inclusive development through raising awareness and addressing challenges such as accessibility of education and equality of opportunity. Simultaneously, the project’s basis is to discuss similarities and differences within the EaP countries and Russia, similarities which are connected to these countries’ shared past. The project itself involved an innovative concept that illustrated the specifics of the education systems of each country, all of which having gone through difficult transitions and currently striving toward increased levels of development. Additionally, the nature of the format provided an opportunity for participants to obtain new and strengthen existing bargaining skills. The project brought together young people from all seven countries. It was thus a mechanism for evaluating current developments as well as providing a platform for youth to express themselves and grow into future leaders in the region.

The Project was jointly implemented by the FES Regional Office “Dialogue Eastern Europe”, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung South Caucasus Regional Office, and the Creative Development Center (CDC).

Handbook is available in 3 languages:




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